Severe Winter Weather

Severe Winter Weather – Seascape Rural Outreach Surgeries in Ayrshire

As part of the Scottish Governments current Winter Planning Response programme Seascape are looking to pilot an outreach service that would see staff positioned in rural community centres and facilities throughout Ayrshire in severe winter conditions where service users and vulnerable people can access support and essential items. The project would connect with existing agencies to work collaboratively in communities in responding to vulnerable people in addition to working directly with people street begging in Ayr. The project will look to integrate with existing services in remote areas to develop a partnership response for people in need. This would be a test of concept in developing a response to severe weather conditions that may become an increasing feature of the years ahead and where public transport for those most vulnerable in rural communities is simply not available.
This year, Seascape are committed to implementing a test of concept in developing Rural Outreach Surgeries involving a combination of vehicle hire, additional support staff, essential items and communication resources. For further information or advice on this service please contact our office on 01292 285424.