Helping Older People to Engage

The HOPE project aims to help you live independently, in your own home, and to engage with other people and your community, or if you need it, support in moving into more suitable accommodation.

What do we provide?

The project will provide personalised support, in your own home,  with a dedicated support worker who can:

  • give help in completing benefits claims and personal budgeting
  • link you up with other agencies which provide support including GPs, Counselling and Psychiatric support, social work and addiction services
  • support in dealing with housing issues, [such as..?]
  • help you to resolve disputes with neighbours
  • support in socialising and personal development through befriending, community based services and activities, volunteering or education

Who can get support?

Anyone living in south Ayrshire who is over the age of 55, whatever your housing needs. The service is free.

How do I apply?

You can contact Seascape directly yourself – see our Talk to us page [link] – or you can ask a carer or a member of your family or a member of any agency you are involved with to refer you.

What happens next?

[initial interview/assessment?/personal plan?] You will need to sign a consent form that allows us to contact other agencies on your behalf and share information.