Fundraising for SeAscape

Organise a fundraiser

Get together with your friends or individually to organise a fund-raising event - have fun doing good!

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Donate personally

You can donate securely online with an individual sum or a regular amount such as £2 a month on our Paypal page

Online donation

Local business or corporate?

Lots of local businesses already help Seascape in a variety of ways... yours can too.

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Dine and Donate

When you eat out you can have a donation to Seascape added to your bill anywhere you see this logo..

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You can help Seascape raise funds

Seascape needs to raise over £100,000 this year to top up our funds
and to keep vital services running.
Like many charities, our fundraising efforts were affected by Covid-19 and we're always looking for new ideas. You and your friends and community can make a difference.