How you can help with pass it on...

Imagine you were homeless and you have just been given the keys to a roof over your head, but when you arrive there is nothing but bare floorboards.

Where do I sit down? What am I going to sleep on? How do I make a cup of tea? What about the kids?

This is where you can help by donating your unwanted household furniture and items

It is a surprising and depressing fact that 1 in 5 homeless people who are found accommodation in Ayrshire, end up homeless again after as little as six months. Sometimes that can be for the want of the basic necessities needed to turn a roof over your head into something that feel like a liveable, comforting place; something better than what you have come from.

In just 18 months “Pass it on” has helped over a hundred clients and now has over 200 items in the pipeline thanks to the generosity of the people of South Ayrshire. The scheme takes a wide range of contributions into its warehouse – from fridges/freezers to cookers and crockery, chairs to tables. Everything we pass on needs to meet all the current legal standards for fire and safety, white goods are electrically tested and items will be cleaned and repaired to be fit for a home before it is passed on.

Many of our clients have young children, mobility issues or are unable to source the goods or organise physical transport; they often have no local family, friends or funds.


If you have goods you want to pass on, contact seascape below:

Beverly Campbell
01292 285424